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Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Justice of God: The Truth Seeker - Douglas Reed – Hitler as "Jewish Messiah"

The Justice of God: The Truth Seeker - Douglas Reed – Hitler as "Jewish Messiah"

Hitler looked forward to the rise of the Jew false ha maschiach, ad Dajjal, the Antichrist and wanted to be that and in fact knew he wasn't - Netanyahu is the Rabbis' choice for Antichrist. We'll see who it actually is.
Whore of Babylon, Argentinian style - Georgi's style

Georgi Bergman the current Vaticanista Klown will willingly salute any Antichrist that comes down the road.

Georgi with Perfidy and Deicide celebration to honor his false god Satan.

Georgi is already marked.

the 12 Judaist tribes of euro-apostasy

Either the forerunners of, or the actual: King of the North and the Antichrist.

Shimon Peres, the one of Troika of IsraHell which murders Innocent Palestinians who disappeared and Georgi Bergman the supporter of the Argentinian version of the "disappeared" the desaparecido, also murdered, in South America.

Ehud Barak (Brog), Shimon Peres (Perski), Netanyahu (Milikovski) are the Troika of IsraHell.

Israel Stole Palestinian Bodies From Their Graves « Europa & Middle East News

Israel Stole Palestinian Bodies From Their Graves

Following the scandalous crime of kidnapping the bodies of the Palestinians by the Israeli occupational military “IDF” and transferring them to the butchery at Abu Kabir in Tel Aviv, and  after the criminal sophist Ehud Barak threatened to cause troubles for Donald Boström in court, after reporting about the Israelis murdering Palestinians in order to harvest their organs, and after all the insults and smears of anti-Semitism against this journalist in public.

I looked through the archive of my journalistic work in Palestine. I found enough to remind the criminal Israeli zamareh-1liars around Ehud Barak that they better quiet down with their hysteric denials, because there are enough cases involving the IDF of organ harvesting, of body snatching, of murdering people, of disappeared bodies, of hushed funerals in the dark of night documented both in Palestinian and Israeli media and in court proceedings, to make them look very bad should they continue with their obnoxious charade.


Wojtyla, Ratzinger, Bergoglio are names that stand out in this.

This is a collection of the welter of Nazi-Fascist garbage that Novis Ordinarians had the chutzpah-gall to claim as a freeing of Latin America from bondage and freedom for the Church. With Communists led by the chief liberation theologian third order Jesuit Fidel Castro and, until Castro had him murdered their Communist Jesuit Simia Christi Che Guevara, on the left and the Ratline Odessa Nazi garbage on the Right the Judaist Apostate Synthesis was only tied together by blood letting oppression of the people and CIA-Mafia-Unione Corse-Mossad Drug dealing.


First remember that Adolph Hitler managed to plunge the world into the worst war it had ever seen up until that time. Remember that he did that by every evil contrivance he could muster especially by demanding to be worshiped as god and replacing the Bible in Churches with Mein Kampf and replacing the Crucifix and Crosses in Churches with the evil Satanic sign of the broken cross, the Swastika, and by wars of aggression exactly like what IsraHell does today. Remember that innocent people die in wars in numbers far beyond anything outside of organized slavery and abortion. Remember that abortion was the unheard of crime that had been totally outlawed in Europe for many centuries until Hitler brought it back. That bringing back abortion, the plague of the ancient world, scandalized the world of the early 20th century. Remember that beginning with the Jew Alan Guttmacher's planning and instigation in the 1950's and 1960's, that abortion today has now gone to absolute world wide genocide and holds the utterly evil position of first in numbers of innocents murdered ongoing and utterly offending God to great anger.  Remember that the only murder-genocide by gassing and subsequent destruction of bodies in hermetically sealed incinerators fed by conveyor systems, that Hitler committed was against the German mentally disabled and physically handicapped by which he genocided 275,000 innocent Gentile Germans. Remember that Hitler took every freedom the German people had and destroyed it. Remember that he covered up for the Zionists based in London in league with them and used the Haavara (Transfer Agreement) and the relocation camps to allow them to invade British colonized by force formerly Ottoman Palestine. Remember that Tubingen's worst Ecumenical Syncretism with pagan idolatry precursors of modern Ecumenical total Apostasy were pale in comparison to Hitlers Diabolic Thule Cult which has only been equaled in modern times by the Satanism practiced in the Vatican, especially the murder sacrifice to Satan of an innocent baby on June 29, 1963 by the Apostate Vatican under Apostate so called Paul VI. Remember that Hitler's love-hate affairs with Jews was nothing compared to his absolute determination to erase by absolute genocide EVERY Christian Slav in the world. To that end he enslaved-murdered 10's of millions of Eastern Christian Slavs. Only Stalin exceeded the numbers of Hitler of Christian Slavs enslaved-murdered. The dictum of Christian Slavs can't be turned to totalitarian apostasy, they can only be killed, was the dictum of Jew Bolshevik Communism under Marx-Lenin-Stalin et al. Remember that Hitler planned on conquering and ruling the world, just like the Jews' false messiah the Antichrist, ad Dajjal. Remember that the Vatican in the throes of the pragmatism to preserve itself instead of the Christian faith of true Catholicism, compromised with Hitler and lent itself to the Zionist plan to invade Palestine which led directly to the Naqba, the "Catastrophe" against the innocent Palestinians. Remember that the first and primary target of unmitigated and unlawful Jew murder and genocide and pillage and rape were and are the Christians of Palestine and the Middle East. Remember that Hitler's and the British interfering with Palestine via Banna led to the Naqba as much as anything else. Adolph Hitler: patron demon of the Jews and IsraHell.

Also remember that crypto-Jew Bergoglio, the current clown act occupying Babylon, the Vatican, is a direct result of Nazi Odessa Ratline Gantdeutsche Argentinian Anti-Christian martyrdom of faithful Christians genocided by Satanic militarists manipulated by Jew Heinz (aka Henry) Kissinger.

As Father Vincent Miceli said, this world is now prepared for the Antichrist to arise.

The Truth Seeker - Douglas Reed – Hitler as "Jewish Messiah"

Douglas Reed – Hitler as "Jewish Messiah"

Compiled by Steve Campbell

Douglas Reed was a London Times correspondent in Europe during the rise of Hitler. he detected something fishy about the Hitler phenomenon.

From Douglas Reed's Somewhere South of Suez, 1951, pages 179-181:

I must for clarity recapitulate this fascinating story as far as it now goes. Early in his twelve years of might, I began to suspect that Hitler was not what he professed to be: merely an arch anti-Communist and anti-Jew. His actions, I thought, would clearly help Communism and Political Zionism (and the outcome of the second war proved this.) I was at first puzzled that he did not see so plain a consequence. Later I thought he did perceive it and was the accomplice of these two powerful forces. Twenty years ago the theory might have been beyond credence. Today, in this century of masks and secret allegiances, it is reasonable.

The man of one sworn loyalty, and a different, hidden one, is now a familiar figure in all countries; he has appeared in the trials of [Soviet spies] Dr. Alan Nunn May and Dr. Fuchs in England, of an M.P., officers and officials in Canada, and of certain persons in America.

I thought Hitler a man of this type, but risen to the highest place instead of just to a high one. It seemed to me that, for great successes, which they could not otherwise achieve, Soviet Communism and Political Zionism needed an apparent antithesis, as a heavyweight champion needs a sparring partner. I believed Hitler played this part, and think the results of the last war uphold this reading of his part in our affairs.

For one thing, his appearance was as mysterious as his disappearance. Although the British and Americans, when they reached Berlin and Vienna, were able to put their hands on a mass of documents one would have expected to be destroyed, the Viennese police dossier of Hitler's formative years before 1914 has never been published.

Chancellor Dollfuss is supposed to have been killed, in 1934, because he knew of it. His successor, Chancellor Schuschnigg, may also know of it; he was present at the Nuremberg Trial but was not put in the witness-box, although the invasion of Austria and his own treatment were matters in the indictment.

At every turn a blank wall opposes those who try to find out what manner of man Hitler was, what he did and with whom he consorted in those significant years. Who enabled him, then, an obscure nobody apparently without a past, to spring into the central limelight of affairs in 1919, like the demon king in pantomime?

I never learned an answer to these questions, but by 1938 I thought the Rabbi of Prague (see Disgrace Abounding, 1939) might be proved correct, who said: 'Hitler is the Jewish Messiah.' Not all rabbis agree that Political Zionism is Messianic, but this one thought so and by that standard could today claim to be right.

Therefore I conjectured that this man-from-nowhere might in truth be the accomplice of Communism and Political Zionism, two forces which have always supported each other. His 'Fascism' thus seemed to me to be merely the third prong of one trident, with which the cauldron of our century is kept stirred.

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